Too Much, Too Soon. The Definition of Overkill….

Porsche just announced the possible release of a new hybrid model.  A $630K hybrid! Now I’m all for going green, but that seems a little ridiculous.  If all you’re doing is driving to the mailbox and back, you don’t need a ride like that.

It made me think of some firms and the way they approach managing their telecom expenses.  If you’re a small to mid-sized business, and are drowning in paper invoices and trying to juggle too many wireless phones and data circuits, you do need some help.  But really, how much help do you need?

Many TEM firms out there take a kind of “one size fits all” approach.  One size that fits great if you’re a huge firm, or have lots of money to spend.  If you just want a streamlined, fast way to get a handle on your telecom expenses, you need a tool, but you don’t need a diamond-crusted one.  In some cases, a hammer is really just a hammer.  And we’ve got that hammer…

Our Clearview telecom expense management software tool is designed to get you the functionality you need, at a price point that doesn’t make your hair stand on end.  Track all your telecom devices, have all your telecom invoices imported electronically, manage your orders and changes, store your contracts…. it’s all there.   But it sure won’t cost you $640K.   If you’d like to take it for a test drive, try our short online Clearview TEM software demo. That won’t cost you anything at all!