Leave it to the Experts... like my lawn.

It’s all perspective, isn’t it?  I mowed the lawn once last summer.  I did a really bang-up job, too, if I don’t say so myself.   Before I started, I canvassed the yard and picked up all the sticks.  Then,  I made sure I made nice straight lines in the mowing lanes and even sprayed off the mower when I was finished.  I was quite proud of my work and then started in with the weed-whacking.  Man, was I ever in for an education.

My husband came home, took one look at the yard and thanked me in advance for never mowing again.  I hadn’t made sure I made diagonal swipes, the lines weren’t sharp enough, and *GASP*, I hadn’t collected all the left-overs from our dogs prior to mowing.   There were other offenses, but I tuned them out – happy to stick with my weeding and whacking because that’s what I’m most comfortable with anyway.   I have no problem with leaving the mowing to the resident expert.

Now, maybe you’re like me with regard to your telecom expense analysis.  Maybe you have the general hang of your telecom project, but you too are blissfully happy taking care of the weeding and whacking of the minor telecom expense reduction – but don’t have the resident expert to oversee the whole job.   You would never dream of *only* weeding or only *only* mowing your whole yard, so why would you settle for only analyzing a portion of your telecom spend?  We all know the devil is in the details, which brings me to my point.

I really DO believe my husband does a far superior job with regard to lawn care….   and HE believes he does a great job – but enter my Father-in-Law whom said the turf looked nice, but that he takes the time to put on rubber gloves and go through the crab grass blade by blade and rubs on weed killer.  Wow, that made him the crowned king of resident experts.   And here we thought we were doing such a great job.  Are you?

Do you have an expert Telecom Expense Management working for you? If not, you better get one, or become one!