Customer Service Record (CSR)

I had the privilege of meeting with a Telecom team and their Manager recently. I had been asked by them to come and demo our new Telecom cost management software tool, Clearview. The team was a really solid group. They ticked off some impressive stats, achievements and successfully completed projects. I was impressed.

During the demo, I began to talk about the bible of all things Telecom – the Customer Service Record(CSR) and how the information pulled from the CSR was absolutely accurate, stored and reported on.  I noticed a few of the analysts squirm, but kept going.  At one point, the group’s manager blurted out “Geez, I don’t think we’ve ordered CSRs in years. We know we should, but just calling the vendors to order them is a huge ordeal.   When the CSRs finally roll in, we need someone to translate the data and enter it into our spreadsheets – with the volume of lines we have, it could take one of my people over a  month, working full-time to read and enter the data.  I don’t have that bandwidth orthat kind of time.”

I like that he was being honest. He understoodthe value of the CSR – the need to have exact circuit/line numbers, locations, amounts, quantities and on and on – but acknowledged that the job was just too big to accomplish with his current team. In this economy, he certainly was not going to get the approval to hire on more staff, either.

All this CSR information, just sitting out there waiting to be analyzed – and it hadn’t been tackled in years.

I wish you could have seen his smile when I told him that we would order all the CSR’s, and dump all of their data into our auditing tool for them. Hello accurate inventory!   Hello ability to deep dive audit! They took a huge step toward telecom expense control and cost reduction.

I just love a happy ending….  In just 60 days with us, they are going to begin to see a difference.   Honesty is definitely the best policy.