Enterprises with a formal wireless policy spend 40% less per user on mobile voice services.

As if you didn’t already know that a bunch of staff running around with Crackberries and iPhone envy were going to cost you a fortune.   But now there is data to prove it. It’s just another illustration that mobile management can be easy, but you have to focus on strategic cost reduction if you really want to minimize wireless expenses. Mobile expense management is the key to managing these costs.

A recent AOTMP report “The Importance of Effective Wireless Policy” found that 69 percent of enterprises have a formal wireless mobility policy in place. And that those firms with wireless mobility governance polices spent 40 percent less per user on mobile voice services.

What does this mean for you?  Probably that, without a wireless policy in place, the data-happy mobile staff in your organization are bleeding revenue and you don’t have a band-aid.

Valicom can help with that.  We not only offer advice on cellular standardization to save money, but have a wireless policy template that you can use.  Consider it a free band-aid.  And if you’re nice, we’ll even give you a lollipop.