Online Demo Launched for TEM Software

Kick the Tires, Honk the Horn, won’t cost you a thing….

We know that you’d never buy a car without checking it out, looking under the hood and taking a test drive.  And while Valicom, with our twenty year history and record client satisfaction scores, isn’t exactly “Honest Al” over at the local car lot, we’d still like to offer you the same courtesy.

In February, we led the TEM industry by releasing our third-generation telecom audit platform Clearview as a Software-as-a-Solution (Saas), giving small to mid-sized businesses a new tool to reduce telecom expenses. It can also be used by telecom expense reduction analysts or telecom consultants to help them deliver results.

Now we’ve made it even easier to try out Clearview by launching a short online demo, so you can see just what you’re missing.  And Clearview is designed to do just that – give you a “clear view” of your telecom spend.  Delivered securely online, it allows you to review your telecom invoices for errors, see wireless expenses – like mobiles phones and data plans, organize all your telecom assets in one place, track changes, additions or deletions, and in general make order from chaos.  And in doing so, you’ll save TIME and MONEY, which is really the whole point.

So if you’d like to take a test drive of Clearview, just head on over to our website and we’ll give you the keys….