Expense Management Services: How can we help you?

Sitting at a stop sign on my way to work the other morning, I quick grabbed my Blackberry and opened a new email.

The email was from a client from a large Broadcasting company. She simply asked for a copy of an invoice to be emailed back to her. Most respondents of the email might simply honor the request and send the invoice back to the requestor.  End of story.  Everybody’s happy.

Not me.  The request nagged by brain for the rest of the way to work.   WHY did she want a copy of the invoice?  I felt like I was missing something; a bigger opportunity to help.

I called my client when I arrived at work and sure enough – there was a great deal more to the story. What she really needed was some reporting.   In great detail, she explained the project she had been given a week to finish.   I could tell she dreaded the data compilation that was going to take her and her co-worker hours to put together.

These are the phone conversations I have several times a day.   I’m always thrilled when I am giving the opportunity to really get to the heart of a client’s issue and provide a same-day solution.

Enter Valicom’s Clearview Telecom auditing software!   I was able to log in quickly, and within minutes – pull the data she needed to finish her project.

The best part was her response when she received the reporting from me.   “Oh my gosh, you just saved us at least five hours of digging!”

By the way, not only did we save our client’s valuable time – butwe also helped with Telecom Cost Management as the reporting allowed the company to make some very informed business decisions as it related to their cellular expense.

It was my pleasure.