Counting Every Stroke….adds up

Spring is in the air, the courses are opening, and I cannot WAIT to get back to playing the game of golf that I love so very much. The only thing I dread?  My putting. It’s horrible. Seems like no matter how much I practice, I pull it left or right. I have this awful, sinking feeling when I pull my putter and prepare to hit.   It never fails, I three-putt almost every hole.

What this means to my game, is that I consistently score in the low 100’s.   But if I could control my putting by two-putting every hole, my score could easily be in the 80’s!  Oh the bragging rights I would have!

My big plan to achieve two-putt status this summer? Prescription sunglasses. I have astigmatism and if I purchase some cool Ray Ban aviators – I’ve got it all under control. (By the way, this is also John Daley’s putting fix, so I have to be on the right track here.)

I only bring this up because I had a conversation with one of my telecom business clients the other day.  The conversation went something like this:

Me:  Mr. Client,  did you know that by going after XXX billing error, you’ll save $$ a month?

Mr. Client: Sandy, it’s not worth having someone on my team chase these dollars.   The amount in question isn’t enough to bother with…..

Me: Actually, if you if annualize these dollars over the life of the billing contract, your savings amounts to over $15k.   And we’ve already started working on the corrections – no involvement from your team is needed.

Mr. Client: That’s fantastic, you just gave me more budgeting power for the Gateway Servers we’re buying!

The outcome is real and this client’s business cost’s were reduced with little to no effort on their part.

So you see, it’s well worth turning over rocks, finding the nickels, and shaving off every single stroke. They all absolutely DO add up.

What is your Telecom Expense Fix this summer?  I recommend a good Telecom Expense Management Company to help you achieve your goals.

See you on the course!