Smart device culture: is it your culture

By all accounts, the smart devices currently available from the large telecommunications carriers have brought incredible amounts of flexibility and power to the on-the-go worker. But in a much sneakier way, they have brought a new culture to organizations. And before you invest large amounts of money in providing smart devices to your staff, it’s important to evaluate whether or not the culture that comes with these devices will help or hinder your employees.

Because these smart devices are designed to keep you constantly connected, it can be very difficult to integrate them into your organization without also allowing new expectations to emerge regarding employee availability and response time. Of course, for many organizations, increasing an employee’s connectivity may be down right required to continue doing business.

But, if your organization doesn’t have a pertinent need for this kind of on-demand employee connectivity, you may actually find that adding smart devices to your employees’ toolset primarily just increases costs, and even brings employee morale down – due to now having to carry work around in their pocket no matter what time of the day or night it is.

This can be difficult for those who manage telecommunications expenses to make device decisions to understand the ramifications of those devices on various employees’ unique job functions. As with most new technologies, each apparent advantage that you gain through the technology brings with it potential disadvantages.

I remember reading an article back when digital cameras first were becoming popular. The author bemoaned the at-odds relationship of the fact that even though it was far easier to take and manage pictures, he now felt overly compelled to capture too much, and found himself enjoying vacations less as a result. He finally decided to just leave the camera at home.

Similarly, a smart device might provide much more constant connectivity to a graphic designer, but it also might cause twice as much interruption as a direct result of that connectivity, thus reducing overall the effectiveness of an employee in such a creative role.

As with any new and flashy technologies, it is always important to take a balanced view when determining if the technology is truly aligned with your goals.

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