The need for Telecommunication Expense Management (TEM) explained using Newtonian physics

Many organizations have never considered a TEM solution, in spite of being in business for decades and spending millions on telecommunications. For whatever reasons, telecommunications expenses are often pushed to the back of the room when it comes to the attention received from internal review processes.

Newton’s third law of motion is stated as follows: “Every action has a reaction equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.”

If we consider telecommunications expenses to be the action, then Telecommunications Expense Management is the reaction. It is only natural that as the telecommunications companies invoice an organization each month, often incorrectly, that there should be a consequence – a reaction.

Now consider Newton’s first law of motion: “An object at rest tends to stay at rest, or if it is in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by a sum of physical forces.”

The analogy here should be fairly obvious: The telecommunication companies will continue to overcharge and billing errors that result in higher expenses will continue indefinitely until acted upon by a separate process. And that process is TEM.

Valicom has spent years “reacting” to telecommunications expenses, and it’s proven processes and technologies are a reliable stopping force for unwarranted costs and billing errors.

About the Author: Jeff Poirior

Jeff brings 25 years of telecommunications and information technology management experience in voice and data networking, server support, and telephony and security; with a significant emphasis on customer service. Prior to joining Valicom, he was chief of the infrastructure support section for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Jeff was the vice president of operations for CC&N, overseeing telecommunications, help desk, data and desk side support services. Prior to that, he served as the associate director of technical resources for Covance, responsible for managing systems and network operations supporting 1700 users in Wisconsin and Virginia. He has also led data center operations at Magnetek Electric, supporting mainframe systems, client/server applications, telephony systems, and computer-aided design. Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Cardinal Stritch University and a master’s degree in business administration from University of Phoenix. In addition, Jeff is a past board member of the Wisconsin Telecommunication Association.