Bringing a personal touch to telecommunications

The telecommunications industry is known for being made up of enormous, bloated companies who can’t help but, to treat their customers as just another number on a balance sheet. Especially if your organization is average in size – which puts you in the same category of just about every organization in the US.

Valicom provides a barrier between you and the big telecommunications companies. Through a relationship with Valicom, you can enjoy a dedicated telecom audit project team and project manager who will learn all of the smallest details about your organization and how it operates.

And those automated call systems you have to navigate for 20 minutes before you actually get to talk to a person? You’ll never have to put up with that either. At Valicom, everyone is just a phone call away – and you’ll never have to answer questions asked by a computer.

This personal approach is important to managing your telecommunications expenses – not just because it’s a great way to treat others, but also because it promotes an environment of productivity, trust and constant improvement that is difficult to achieve working directly with the carriers.

Be warned though, you won’t find this personal touch at every Telecom Expense Management (TEM). But I absolutely guarantee you’ll find it at Valicom.