Telecom Expense Management on the Growth Curve of SaaS Adoption Rates

According to Forrester’s “SaaS your Application” webinar attended by Valicom in 2009, the Web 2.0, Collaborative Apps, CRM and web conferencing industries have the greatest Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) rate of adoption with the highest growth curve. There are other industries that are just now adopting SaaS models. Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and broader corporate expense management services were conspicuously absent from the research.

One measure of the potential growth in SaaS is that mass-market software companies such as NetSuite,, Google, Workday and Microsoft have implemented platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings using cloud computing to integrate SaaS applications within similar or complimentary domains that can be accessed by their clients through their platform.


As one example of how this integration works to serve clients, Valicom subscribes to Vertical Response (for e-mail campaigns) through our application to enhance the functionality of’s CRM application. This appears to be the wave of the future.

Clearview, Valicom’s telecom cost management software is addressing the needs of large and middle market organizations for an on-demand, self service application incorporating game changing simplification and best practices into our client’s TEM processes. Through this technology, telecom analysts are enabled to significantly reduce telecom expenses, and perform effective wireless expense management and telecommunications analysis. Contact us today for a Clearview demonstration. See you on-line!

About the Author: Nancy Peckham

Nancy began her career in telecommunications in 1983 as an account executive with Republic Telcom, a regional long distance carrier. She was named district sales manager for the Wisconsin region in 1987 when Republic Telcom was acquired by Mid American Communications. She recognized a need for independent, objective telecommunications consulting which led her founding Valicom. Since its launch in 1991, Valicom has been a leader in providing telecom expense management solutions and serves enterprise and mid-market clients in a variety of industries and verticals across the U.S. Nancy earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, founded and served as president of the Telecommunications Professionals of Wisconsin (TPW) from 1989-1992, and was executive vice president on the board of directors of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants (STC). Nancy is also a founding member and executive council chair of the Independent Telecommunications Expense Management Association (i-TEM).