Helpful Features Provided By Consultant-Specific TEM System

This is a follow-up to my previous blog entitled “Helpfulness of Telecom Auditing and TEM Software Tool For Consultants” and the fifth in a series of blogs that outline the results of Valicom’s telecom consultant survey sent out to telecom consultants in August, 2010. The blog series also discusses the benefits of utilizing telecom expense management tools for telecom and IT consultants.

The last survey question was “Which features would you find helpful in a consultant-specific tool?” The following graph demonstrates the overwhelmingly positive response received to the features listed.

Some interesting results were shown from this question. About 90% reported that they would find a web-hosted solution helpful. With the advent of software-as-a-service providing ease-of-use and flexibility at a low subscription-based price point, more consultants are moving toward utilizing web-hosted solutions.

90% also responded that data loading and graphs and charts would be helpful. About 85% reported that one-time audit capabilities, customizable reports, asset/inventory management and remote access for other users would be beneficial. Remote access for clients and audit tools drew
approximately an 80% approval rating. Close to 70% said that they’d like logo branding (white labeling) and document imaging features. Bill processing and payment was favorable to approximately 40% of the respondents.

Clearview For Consultants (C4C), Valicom’s answer to this overwhelming need is a SaaS based platform that provides all of the features listed above and is designed specifically for consultants. Stay tuned for my next blog that will explore the benefits for consultants of utilizing TEM software in detail. You can also read more by downloading the white paper entitled, “Telecom Expense Management Tools For Telecom and IT Consultants“.