TEM Portfolio Expansion For Telecom Consultants

This is a follow-up to my previous blog entitled “Telecom Auditing and TEM Software Tools” and the second in a series of blogs that outline the results of Valicom’s telecom consultant survey that was sent out to a nationwide group of independent telecom consultants in August, 2010 on this subject.

The second survey question was “How interested are you in expanding your portfolio to include more Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services?” Here is the response we received to this question:

Close to 50% of the respondents said that they were “very interested” and 25% said they were “somewhat interested” in providing more telecom expense management services for their clients. This indicates that the greater majority of telecom consultants would like to provide telecom expense management services such as telecom asset management, bill payment, on-going invoice audits and comprehensive client reporting if they had the technology to do so.

Clearview, Valicom’s proprietary SaaS tool, provides the platform that can address this need for telecom consultants. With functionality to provide on-going services such as accurate, comprehensive inventory management, more granular cost allocation and bill payment, automated auditing and optimization tools and standard and customizable reporting and dashboards, Clearview offers the capabilities for telecom consultants to provide these services for their clients. Valicom is disrupting the TEM industry with Clearview’s clean, easy-to-use and flexible user interface.