Telecom Auditing and TEM Software Tools

In August of this year, Valicom sent out a survey to a nationwide group of independent telecom consultants regarding their needs for a consultant-specific telecom auditing and telecom expense mangement tool. We received a 20% response rate and an overwhelmingly positive response regarding the overall need for a telecom-specific TEM tool. We also had the opportunity to speak at the Society of Telecom Consultants conference in Dallas in late September where I presented the results of this survey.

This is the first in a series of blogs that I plan to post that outline the “Telecom Auditing and TEM tool” survey responses along with how telecom consultants can save time and money, grow their businesses through expanded service offerings and provide further benefit for their clients through the use of TEM software.

The first survey question asked what the mix of consulting engagements were. The graph below shows the break out of engagements.

As you can see, on average, about 55% of projects were one-time audits or on-going telecom expense management engagements, those that can be automated through the use of a telecom expense management software tool.

Clearview, Valicom’s telecom expense management SaaS platform, is designed to provide tools for telecom consultants to save time and money on their one-time audit and on-going TEM processes. This subscription-based system is disrupting the telecom expense management industry with it’s low price point and ease-of-use.