Tracking Systems Used By Telecom Consultants Today

This is a follow-up to my previous blog entitled “Telecom Expense Management Portfolio Expansion For Consultants” and the third in a series of blogs that outline the results of Valicom’s telecom consultant survey that was sent out to a nationwide group of independent telecom consultants in August, 2010 on this subject.

The third survey question was “What Kind of System Do You Use To Track Information Now?” Here is the response we received to this question:

Approximately 80% of the respondents said that they were using Excel or other spreadsheets and only 7% said they were using an outside TEM software platform to automate their auditing and telecom expense management processes.

Valicom’s TEM software, Clearview, is a SaaS based platform designed specifically for telecom consultants. Clearview is not only designed for automated telecom auditing and service optimization but also for full lifecycle TEM services such as accurate, comprehensive inventory management, more granular cost allocation and bill payment and standard and customizable reporting and dashboards. This unified platform enables consultants to manage both wireline (local, long distance, data network) and wireless (cellular, PDA, blackberry, smartphone, pagers) services for their clients. Valicom is disrupting the TEM industry with Clearview’s clean, easy-to-use and flexible user interface and low subscription based pricing model.

Stay tuned for my next blog that will provide you with how the telecommunications consultant respondents answered the question “How helpful would you find a software tool designed specifically for telecom consultants for auditing and TEM?”