Check, then recheck, the long distance PIC for new service

One of the most common mistakes made while ordering new service, is to neglect to request that the long distance usage for the new service be billed to your corporate long distance service.  The second common mistake, is that once requested, nothing is done to make sure the carrier actually does it.

An oversight like this can mean months of additional overcharges and hours of time to try and recover the credits. This is where a solid TEM process comes into play. Combining a dedicated telecommunications database that incorporates order tracking and implementation along with inventory management will give you the tools to easily manage these kinds of details during the process of ordering new service.

Telecommunications carriers are notorious for committing to one thing, and then doing another, or nothing at all. The best way to combat this poor attention to detail on the part of the carriers, is to maintain a tracking system that can help identify problem areas before they it’s too late and you’ve already started paying more than you should.

A system such as Valicom’s Clearview, can be used by your organization, or in concert with Valicom’s outsourced services to provide the automation and technology support necessary to make sure that something like the LD PIC for new service is requested in the first place, and is implemented correctly by the carriers.