Track your telecom issues, recover more telecom savings

An integral component to any telecom audit is the tracking and validation of savings issues.  As those involved perform the various pieces of the audit, it is vital that there is a centralized issue tracking mechanism in place.

This will ensure that over time, issues are worked to completion in a timely manner.  Additionally, as different people come and go, ongoing issues can be easily picked up and continued from where the previous person left off.

An easy way to implement a highly reliable and flexible issue tracking system as part of your next telecommunications expense management project, is to subscribe to Clearview.  Clearview is a web-based telecom expense management software product that delivers all of the functionality you need to perform a TEM audit, from end to end.

Clearview’s issue tracking system is robust and based on years of experience in the TEM industry.  Having a TEM software tool like Clearview to address your issue tracking needs will ensure a successful project and maximum results.