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Telecom Expense Management Software and Solutions

Most firms pay too much for their voice, wireless and data services. Since 1991, Valicom has deployed our Clearview software and telecom auditing service suite to address this problem.  Designed to increase visibility and control over your telecom environment, while reducing costs, our customized solutions can save 10-30% of your telecom budget.   See our Deployment Options and demo Clearview to learn more, and start saving tomorrow...


Valicom Offers“To the Point” Educational Series

Valicom recently launched our new “To the Point” educational series. These short articles shed light on the "What's In It For Me" aspect of the various elements within a strong TEM program.  If you're wondering which services you might need, or seeking a way to explain to upper management why you want them, check out our TEM Articles to learn more. 


Seeking software?  BPO? Not sure?  See our Deployment Options

If you need help managing your telecon inventory, invoices or costs - you've come to the right place. Valicom offers a variety of ways to solve your problems, both with software tools and profesional managed services.   Find out more about how we deliver TEM on your terms.   


Stream or Read "TEM in 2014 - History & Trends"

Get a solid short overview of the current industry landscape, how it is changing, and the trends that will impact your telecom environment throughout 2014.  From BYOD to wireline, from wearables to the carrier wars, tune in to find out what's changed and what stays the same.  Stream the webinar, or download the white paper version.