5 Signs it’s Time for TEM

5 signs it’s time for TEM

To conduct business, an organization needs the right tools and technology. Today that means cell phones, Wi-Fi hot-spots, laptops, tablets… the list goes on and on. But who is actually responsible for keeping track of all of those devices, as well as the contracts and invoices attached to them?

Telecom expense management (TEM) means proactively tracking inventory, billing, cost allocation, and contact renewal. It is cursory audits of invoices, looking for billing errors and unused devices. Frankly, we frequently find that organizations just don’t have the time or resources to be performing these duties each month. Often these same organizations are unaware of their monthly telecom spend.

Ignorance is bliss, right? Until one day the telecom and IT budget is hugely out of proportion. How did this happen, and who exactly is responsible? If your organization is ready to take the next step into active management of your telecom environment and costs, TEM professional services or software tools might be for you.

Find out if it is time for telecom expense management in our newest video: