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Telecom Expense Management Software for  Consultants

Save Time and Expand Your Services Portfolio

Valicom poured 20 years experience and insight into our cutting-edge telecom expense management software Clearview. Telecom consultants have found Clearview a perfect tool to increase their service offering and save time in delivering telecom auditing solutions. Whether you are already offering telecom expense management, or you want to add it as a new service, Clearview can help increase both your productivity and profitability!  We can even "private label" it for you!

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Learn more with a customized demo...  

Find out how Clearview can increase your service offerings, save you time and money, and make you more profitable!  

* NOTE: At this time, Clearview is only deployed in North America. If you need services in other countries, please use our Contact Form to reach us.

three dots Features of Clearview Telecom Expense Management Software

The Power of SaaS

Offering Clearview as a web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution creates a simple, yet powerful, low-cost option for consultants. Graduate from spreadsheets and use a tool with the power to make audits easier and to better showcase the savings you bring your clients.

IT-Free - No Security Worries

And as Clearview is a web-based tool, you won’t have the IT headaches and security hassles of hosting it yourself. Authorized users can access Clearview from anywhere, keeping all your telecom information neatly in one place. And any updates to the system are automatically installed, so there are no version worries either. You are always working with the latest technology, and Valicom takes care of the security issues for you.

Fully Customizable Reporting

Clearview can grow as your needs grow. It’s designed to expand, offering new reports and capabilities as you work them into your TEM processes. You can also customize reports and dashboards to quickly see the information you need. Reports can be designed for any level of visibility  - auditor, manager or client.

three dots Advanced Telecom Expense Management & Visibility

Clearview gives you the tools to manage almost all aspects of telecom auditing. In addition, at any time, you can request assistance via our a la carte services. Many tasks can be made easier and faster by outsourcing, like invoice data entry and back-end bill payment.  This can also provide additional service lines you can offer your clients, adding to your recurring revenue stream. 

Tasks you can manage in Clearview:   

  • Invoice Processing & Payment
  • Invoice Imaging
  • Population of Payment, Audit, Inventory and Contract Info 
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Inventory Management
  • Cost Allocation
  • Trend Reporting
  • GL Feed Reporting
  • Wireless and Network Optimization Tools
  • Wireless Provisioning


three dots Telecom Invoice Data Loading and Bill Payment

One of end users largest pain points with regards to telecom is the processing of invoices.  Valicom can help you help your clients manage the paperwork with automated invoice management.  Simply have the invoices sent to Valicom, we load all the data into the system, so it is available for auditing, then GL code everything and pay the bills on the back end.  Streamlined, efficient, and fast.  Ask about invoice processing & payment during your Clearview Demo. 

three dots Telecom Expense Management "Practice Packages"

If Telecom Expense Management is a completely new product offering for your business, let Valicom help get you started.  To assist companies in implementing Clearview and telecom auditing services, we can provide varying levels of business consulting, training and documentation via our Practice Packages.

Practice Packages include:

  • Marketplace Pricing
  • Proposal Template (Scope, Deliverables, Pricing)
  • Client Contract Template
  • Start-Up Checklist
  • Effective Marketing Strategies
  • Document/Template Updates
  • Personal Business Consulting
  • Valicom-led Client Demos

Ask about Practice Packages during your Clearview Demo. 

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Valicom's Partner Program

Learn more about Valicom's commitment to supporting our consultants and their clients.  Visit our Valicom Partner Program page to enroll. 

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